Heatwave, one of the most popular soul bands of the past few decades, with their inimitable blend of sweet soul grooves and great pop/soul/dance songs are back with a vengeance.

Although based in Britain, Heatwave was formed bythe Wilder brothers, Johnnie and Keith, on their discharge from the US Army, a advert in a music paper yielded Hull’s, England born songwriter Rod Temperton, With hits like ‘Mind Blowing Decisions’, ‘Boogie Nights’ and the all-time classic ‘Alwaysand Forever’,

Heatwave are no strangers to chart success with a string of hits reaching the top twenty, and the foot stomping ‘Boogie Nights’ climbing all the way to number one in 1977,

Heatwave were on ‘The Word’& ‘The Lily Savage T.V. Show’plus they were on channel five’s ‘NIGHT FEVER SHOW’& have done“The Diamond music awards T.V. show” in Belgium& the band have done “The Clive James T.V. show”on I.T.V. channel 1& had a half page write up in the “Times Newspaper”

Rod Templeton the bands keyboardplayer and the bands main songwriter, wrote songs for Michael Jackson{including the multi-million selling title to Michaels album “THRILLER”} George Benson, and Herbie Hancock,Heatwave recorded two more albums, ‘Current’ and ‘Candles’ spurning the hits: ‘Gangsters Of The Groove’ and ‘Jitterbugin’.

They re-recordedthe very best of their songs from the late 70’s and early 80’s with the best of today’s producers and DJ’s.

The line up of producers include: Aswad, FAT BOY SLIM A.K.A. Norman Cook, SimonHarris, and Ben Liebrand.

Everything has been re-recorded with the soul essence of yesteryear and hard funkiness


The album ‘Gangsters Of The Groove -is a fourteen track album with four songs produced and written by Heatwave.

It has the sweet Ohio sound reminiscent in many ways of the great soul groups of the early 80’s such as The O’Jays, The Whispers and Levert, mixed with a melodic European influence.

The songs on the album show a definite step forward in style.

“The whole purpose of putting those songs on the album is to show people that we’re not just banking off the old songs, which have been re-recorded anyway”, saidKeith Wilder.Based in the UK and the USA the band love the spontaneity of playing live

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